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Thank you for visiting Blue Pineapple's website and for taking an interest in Maja Kerin-Cosignani's work, the photographer behind Blue Pineapple. 

Photography is her passion and she has loved it for as long as she can remember. But it was after her first daughter was born in 2014 that her love affair with photography was revived again. She had time to take photography classes in London in order to hone skills and continued teaching herself the art of digital photography when her family moved to Monaco.


Maja believes in finding beauty in the everyday. Her impressionist style of photography often emphasises the colour vibration with a soft and dreamy painterly feel. Her aim is to fully express the sensations of energy and joy that are felt when looking at the subject. To overcome the limitations of traditional photography as a medium, and to capture these feelings, Maja uses in-camera techniques of multiple exposure and long exposure, to achieve multidimensionally effects.